Historical Publications


The Destroying Angel

By Brett Gibbons


The Rifle-Musket

as the first modern infatnry weapon

Foreword by

Lt. General Philip Jones CB, CBE, DL

Royal Anglian Regiment


P53 Ammunition

History & Development


Admonitions for
Enfield Cartridges

Rules & Troubleshooting


Cartridge Production

Accuracy & Quality

Notes on Production

The Handbook for the 

School of Musketry

By Brett Gibbons

The definitive handbook for anyone with an interest in historically-correct marksmanship with Civil War-era rifles.


Foreword by Darrell R. Rivers


The Universal Rifleman

An FTG Publication

Vol. I, No. 1

Vol. I, No. 2

Vol. I, No. 3

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