• General Service Water Bottle - Wooden Canteen

    Have you ever been marching across the barren hills of the Crimea or through the jungles of Gwalior and felt prodigious parched? No nearby streams for miles, and the water barrels smack of cholera?


    Then you need Her Majesty’s finest wooden canteen! Painted to regulations and furnished with a sturdy black leather strap. Stoppers are attached by white rawhide string, per our research. 


    These are marked 1853, with 44 for the East Essex Regiment. Other markings and years available upon request but will require at least 3-4 weeks additional time. 


    This is one of our prototypes and thus has been significantly reduced in price. They are METAL-LINED, making them rather unique, but they hold up much better in long term use. 


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