• Gibbons' School of Musketry Companion

    Condenses lessons from the Hythe School of Musketry and many other contemporary sources to provide a definitive resource for volunteers employing the Enfield rifle-musket. 


    Written as a companion for the recreated School of Musketry fully covering the position drill, aiming drill, judging distance drill, et cetera.Will help improve form and precision of any volunteer marksman.


    Published using period methods and materials by J. A. Brooks & Son; suitable for re-enactment use. 


    Written by Capt. B. Gibbons, USAR “Serjeant Major A. B. Gibbons”

    Foreword by the D. R. Rivers “The Lord Rivers”


    44 Pages


    Views expressed in this book are not the views of the United States Army or the Government of the United States.


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