• Victorian Rifle Target Reproduction (Artillery Battery 3'x4')

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    This is a faithful scaled reproduction of a target used at the Hythe School of Musketry in the 1860's.


    30 riflemen in skirmish order expended 270 rounds at this target representing a 9 lber battery (120 at 610 yards, 150 at 810 yards); with the men not being apprised of the measured distance. 


    The original target was "the size of life" making it around 8 feet tall. These are scaled down for use at 300 yards, a more practicable distance for most shooters, with the same effect. 


    Watermark and hit markings are removed on actual target. 


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      These are shipped folded. If you wish yours to be shipped in a tube unfoled, please contact us directly. 


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