The School of Musketry

next held 13 & 14 October 2018

Adelanto, CA

Questions: or (805) 218-2214

School of Musketry Class Fee


These fees cover costs to set up our range, all necessary targets, printing, portable restrooms, etc. Water and snacks provided for participants, with a certificate of completion, and a commemorative button. 


Fifty rounds of Enfield Ammunition

Pre-order the recommended fifty rounds of our Enfield-style cartridges for the School of Musketry at a significantly reduced price. The cartridges will be waiting for you at the range, ready to go! These cartridges will work in any .58-cal or .577-cal rifle-musket. 

50 rounds (five packs) of Enfield cartridge, loaded with 68gr 3F powder and Pritchett bullets. More ammunition will be available on site. 


The School of Musketry

What is the School of Musketry? We recreate the historic British Army's School of Musketry at Hythe from the early 1860s, and faithfully cover the principle areas of instruction.​ Most technical classes and our musket clinic are held on Saturday, while most of Sunday is reserved for our team and individual competitions, culminating in the heated contest for the coveted Pour le Pritchett medal. 

Participants are encouraged to wear period clothing and bring necessary leather accouterments, but it is not required. Period British cartridge boxes, cartridge expense and cap pouches, and belts will also be on site for purchase.


Camping at the range is permitted; there will be a historic "period" camp with 1860's era tentage, and an adjacent "modern" camp. Meals are not provided but water and snacks will be provided during the day. No running water on site. Portable restroom facilities only. 

The First School of Musketry

November 2017

January 2018

The Second School of Musketry

"At any considerable distance any intervening atmosphere sufficiently modifies and tones down even the brightest colour and when we come to anything like close quarters it matters not what colour we are in, indeed the flaming scarlet has then a decided advantage from its traditional scaring effect when worn by the British soldier."

Handbook for Hythe

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